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March 30, 2012
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Republic City: Tu by ReverseAlchemist Republic City: Tu by ReverseAlchemist
Application for :iconrepubliccity:
Oh gosh what am I doing? I would love to be in this group so much, but I can be such a shy RPer. ;;

Ahh I made it in! Yessss ;u;
Imma go ahead and add some stuff into his profile, now that I've had a chance to RP with him and make some friends. eue


Name: Tu, that's all he goes by.

Age: 22

Nationality: Republic City

Affinity: Earth

Occupation: Construction worker/ Repairman (small family business)

Exterior Design: Tu's job has him fixing up shops and homes all the time, so he enjoys getting creative with his work and hopes to one day build his own houses, rather than just fix old ones.

Wrestling: Something he does for fun, and is good in the strength department, though he's been told he moves a little slowly.

Helping People: He loves that feeling he gets when he can put a smile on someone else's face. Even when he's not on the job, he likes to take some time to walk around the market and see if there's something he can do.

+ Cheerful | Hardworking | Very Friendly | Passionate

- Stubborn | Naive | Gluttonous | Can't take a hint

RP sample

Stepping back to admire his work, Tu grinned, wiping the sweat from his brow. He had really out done himself this time! This old man's clock shop would be the talk of the street for at least the rest of the week!
Turning to the shop owner, he noticed the man didn't look very happy. Had he done something wrong...? Missed a spot? He looked back at the storefront, pondering. Well, he had promised to be finished hours ago... But once he got started, he couldn't help himself! He loved adding small intricate designs and carvings to make something unique.
"Uhh, don't worry, all that extra stuff is free!" he beamed, giving the elderly man a rough pat on the back.
This seemed to be just what he wanted to hear! Tu was happily thanked and paid what was due.

With a little skip in his step, proud of a job well done, the earthbender made his way into the marketplace.
A sweet smell met with his nose and he was instantly drawn to a little booth selling pastries. About a dozen were bought; they would make a nice snack before dinner!
Just as he spun around to leave, something caught his eye. Ohhh, it was that girl he met yesterday! He had asked her out to lunch, but she had been busy... She had to go do that thing at the place, right away. Now, he didn't know where the place was, or what the thing she needed to do was either. But she didn't look busy today! Maybe he'd try again.
Sure Tu was a little dirty, and sweaty and --he gave his underarm a quick sniff-- pretty smelly... But girls like a working man, right?
Dusting himself off a bit, and slicking back his mohawk, he strode across the street towards her, whistling a rather loud catcall.
He'd have a dinner date tonight, for sure.

Additional Info
-Has basically taken over the family business because his father has fallen ill. Not deathly ill, he's just too weak to bend anymore.

-His mother died when he was young, so he doesn't know much about how to act around women, or understand much about their feelings.

-Despite this, Tu LOVES to flirt with girls --it's part of his construction worker's charm-- He tends to go for Fire Nation girls that are way out of his league, but he finds every girl beautiful in their own way, so really, no one is safe. He can come on a bit strong too... But he just doesn't get why he never gets a date!

-He would love to join a Pro Bending team, but he's too slow-footed. He usually only earthbends when fixing a wall or something, so he never really needs to be quick.

-He can't cook, but he loves eating.

-He's kind of a huge dope.

-Though he's very happy being an earthbender, when he dreams at night, he's soaring through the clouds, and thinks flying would be the coolest thing.

-He usually lies about how long he's been bending, saying he's been doing it as long as he can remember. He's embarrassed and doesn't like to talk about it.

Important or Notable Relationships:

Mellie: Mellie is Tu's first ever hired employee since he took over his father's construction business. He feels the need to look after her and they share a goofy big-brother/little-sister relationship. She is also a pro wing man, doing her best to help Tu get dates. (Mellie is ~Psyoren's )

Ruo-Chao: He is very much in love with this girl. (Ruo belongs to *Little-Imp-Rin )

Moki: Tu doesn't like this boy... Not one bit, he's up to something... He has to be. Taking Mellie out and just hanging around her in general. What does he think he's doing? Moki really brings out the Angry Papa Bear side of Tu. That's what he gets for getting close to Mellie. ( Moki belongs to ~firstfarewell )

Kadda: Kadda has become one of Tu's better guy friends, even though he finds the sand bender a little strange and eccentric at times, he appreciates his company. Tu thinks Kadda's sudden friendship with Moki very suspicious though... And isn't sure how he feels about having to hang out in a group with Moki involved twice as often as when it was just Mellie as the equalist's friend. ( Kadda is *Toresky's )
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punkion Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well hellow handsome!^3^
ReverseAlchemist Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Heheh thank you vuv
punkion Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeek your welcome!♥♥
I really want to join the group and rp with you!^3^
ReverseAlchemist Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
I would love that! ;u;/
I haven't gotten to rp with him for quite a while ;;;

We're hoping to open up for apps again sometime this month! Hopefully we'll get on top of that soon vuv
punkion Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*gasp* awesome!=v=

Oh ok!!^3^ I shall think of a character and get started on the app so I can be early then! Eek im so excited and hopefully the group does open!^^ thanks for the info!
artst04 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
I wonder if anyone has tried to um "cure" Tu of his gluttony by stuffing him silly. You know how a parent might make PBJ at every meal for a kid who is a picky eater. You think it would work?
ReverseAlchemist Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Hahahah, well I dunno about that. Tu's not so much a bottomless pit. He can eat a lot! ...But he knows when to stop. He's probably figured out his top-off limit by now. Doesn't wanna go around making himself sick, so he'll turn down food if he knows it'll be too much. vuv
artst04 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Oh that's good.
chihoeeke Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh how did I not spot him earlier?? >w< HE'S FREAKING ADORBS <33
You were hiding him weren't you <.<

I was wondering if you'd like to RP sometime? Miah's a derp but she likes to be social xD
ReverseAlchemist Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
Sure! I haven't actually rped in a while, but we can give it a shot!

You can drop me a note whenever you're ready. vuvb
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